Urbieta Oil is a leader in the fuel industry thanks to its top-notch sales professionals, responsible drivers, and behind-the-scenes support team.  Our sales professionals have decades of experience and a wealth of knowledge concerning the fuel industry.  They are available and happy to assist you 24-7, 365 days a year.  Urbieta Oil takes pride in its personal, long-standing relationships with its customers. For information on our services, please call 305-884-0008, ext. 218.

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Retail Fuels: After you have placed your order, Urbieta Oil will deliver directly to your retail site in a timely manner.  We carry all grades of gasoline, including marine fuel.  We also distribute a range of diesel fuels including premium diesel, bio diesel, and off-road diesel.


Fleet Fueling: Urbieta Oil delivers all grades of gasoline and diesel fuel to corporate or government/municipal vehicles -- an excellent method for gauging and managing your fuel usage.  For ease in tracking your order, we have a cutting edge bar code system and electric meters.


Construction and Agricultural Fueling: Urbieta Oil also delivers to construction and heavy equipment/agricultural sites.  We work with you to keep your operations running smoothly.


Marine Fueling: Urbieta Oil services marinas, yachts, sport fishing vessels, and other personal water crafts.  Our products include marine fuel and additives such as Biocide, Valvtect Marine Gasoline Additive and Valvtect Marine Diesel Additive.


Mechanic Shop and Lubricant Needs: We offer a variety of quality lubricant additives for commercial use. As a result of our cutting edge technology, Urbieta Oil can easily place and track your orders.


Emergency Service Provider and Generator Fuel Delivery: Similar to Fleet Fueling, Urbieta Oil will deliver all grades of gasoline and diesel fuel to your emergency vehicles and generators.  Our large fuel storage plant and high volume sales allow us to provide our customers access to products in times of shortage and natural disasters.

Urbieta Oil takes pride in its personal, long-standing relationships with its customers

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