Urbieta Oil is committed to working with you in order to identify the products that best suit your needs at guaranteed competitive pricing. When you choose from our wide-ranging line of premium products, we are able to fill your order immediately, deliver your order quickly, and track it along the way.


Our large fleet of trucks allows us to provide efficient, high-volume deliveries to Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, and Monroe Counties. Additionally, our trucks can accommodate multiple products, and for your convenience we can split them between locations. Urbieta Oil’s fleet operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Moreover, truck maintenance and safety is a top priority for our company. We are fully insured and bonded.


Urbieta Oil uses cutting-edge technology including Symbology® and Firestream® for product verification and ease in tracking orders. We can locate your delivery and estimate its arrival at anytime.


We also have a fuel plant facility with a 240,000 - gallon capacity that is conveniently located within our Medley, Florida corporate headquarters. This facility allows us to maintain constant supply so that in the event of a disaster or shortage, Urbieta Oil can help insure that you have access to the necessary resources to keep your business open. Our on-site facility also allows our commercial customers the option to purchase their fuel directly at our site.

Our product lines include:





Heavy Duty Lubricants, Heavy Duty and Passenger Engine Oils, Hydraulic/Turbine Fluids, Transmission/Torque Fluids, Gear Oil and Greases, Consumer Lubricants Engine Oils, High Mileage Motor Oils, Synthetic Blends, Full Synthetics, 2 Cycle Oils, Marine Lubricants






Motor Oils, Industrial Oils, Hydraulic Oils, Agricultural Oils, Transformer Oils *(available in bulk)






 MOTOR OILS  Available in bulk 














All Grades of Gasoline including Non-Ethanol REC 90















Anti-Freeze and Industrial Coolants














Diesel Exhaust Fluid, Brake Cleaner, Power Steering Fluid, White Lithium Grease, Thrust Starting Fluid, Floor Absorbent 40 lb., Windshield Washer, Mineral Spirits, Transmission Fluids






Ethanol-free gasoline available (Rec-90)





















  Premium, Bio-diesel, Off-road diesel









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